No More [Financial] Secrets


Advancing women’s equality through

economic empowerment. 


Starting this April for Financial Literacy Month,

Secret Deodorant is introducing a multi-year financial empowerment initiative that starts by providing

1 million young women with access to in-depth

financial courses and training resources.  


Financial literacy is an intergenerational and systemic issue, disproportionately burdening women with

financial stress. In fact, lack of access to financial

education creates a barrier for many young women, and disproportionately impacts women, particularly women of color. 

In support of this initiative, I have teamed up with

Secret to provide 2,000 copies of my recorded workshop, Budgeting Basics for Women, for free!  

Just use code SECRETMONEYMOVES at checkout!

*Yakoboski, P.J., Lusardi, A., & Hasler, A. (2020, November). Financial Literacy and wellness among U.S. women. Financial literacy and
wellness among U.S. women | Institute. Retrieved March 24, 2023

Learn at your own pace!

Use code SECRETMONEYMOVES at checkout to access for FREE!

In this 40 minute recorded workshop,

you'll learn:

  • The common budgeting myths holding you back

  • The power of goal setting and having the right money mindset

  • The 4 key elements to building a budget

  • 4 budgeting methods to try

  • Additional resources to continue learning at your own pace

Hi there! I'm Gigi

I’m a former investment professional turned

financial educator, TikTok fin-fluencer and

author of the upcoming book, Cultura & Cash.

I teach First Gen and other women of color how to build wealth and gain financial confidence through easy to understand financial education- without the finance bro jargon.

My work has been featured on The New York Times, Business Insider and Mitu. You can learn more about me on my website

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