Does This Sound Like You?

“I want to start investing, but I have no idea where to start”

“Investing is intimidating to me. I’ve tried learning on my own but get overwhelmed and stuck by all the information out there”

“I know I’m supposed to invest, but I don’t really understand how the stock market works or what I should do”

“My brain literally shuts down when anyone starts explaining investing. I don’t know why this is so confusing to me!”

It's Not Your Fault!

The reason investing seems intimidating to you is because nobody ever taught you how to do it.

They don't teach you this stuff in school.

Your immigrant parents were hard at work trying to survive in a whole ass new country, so investing in the stock market didn't even cross their mind!

As you got older, society conditioned you to think of investors as only middle-aged, Patagonia vest wearing, privileged white men.

OF COURSE it's going to feel like it's not for you.

But what if your investing education came from a relatable, brown, curly haired Latina with lived experience as a First Gen investor who teaches in the occasional Spanglish and funny memes?

Would it still be as intimidating?

Wouldn’t it be

amazing to feel…

  • Reassured knowing you have the tools and the knowledge to build generational wealth for the people you love?

  • Proud because you're uplifting your family who rallied around you to help get you where you are today?

  • Confident to plan not just for your finances but also your parents' retirement out of place of abundance and empowerment?

  • Excited when planning how you'll set your own children up for financial success? 

  • Calm because you have a clearly laid out action plan to build financial security for the people who matter to you?

This is why I created Investing for First Gen Wealth Builders.

About The Program 📝

Take your first step towards investing at your own pace through my course designed around teaching you all the basics of investing, regardless of your time, budget, and current knowledge level.

With my expertise, you’ll get a shortcut to learning how to invest without having to do all the work on your own. 

I’ll fast track you to learn:

  • What is investing and why it’s crucial for First Gen wealth builders
  • How to avoid the 7 common investing myths that can keep you stuck and be a barrier to your financial journey
  • Cultural teachings you need to unlearn to become an empowered investor
  • The ins and outs of compound interest and how we can use it to grow our money
  • What is a stock, bond, mutual funds, indexes and all those scary financial terms that don’t have to be scary!
  • The 3 actionable steps you need to take to start investing today
  • And much more!

Hi there! 👋 I'm Gigi

I’m a former investment professional turned financial educator and TikTok fin-fluencer.

I teach First Gen how to build wealth and gain financial confidence through easy to understand financial education- without the finance bro jargon.

My work has been featured on The New York Times, Business Insider and Mitu.

But don’t take it from me! Read what Investing for First Gen Wealth Builders alumni are saying👀:

If you think my TikToks are helpful, wait until you see the value you get from HOURS worth of my content 👀

"What do I get exactly?"🤔

I packaged this program with bite-sized, actionable education that is easy to learn and implement. 

When you enroll you’ll get:

  • 20+ edu-taining video lessons (about 5-15 minutes each)

  • 2 in-depth video tutorials to show you how to buy an investment & how to set up automatic investments on an investing platform

  • 2 FREE Bonus lessons: Investing for Your Parents’ Retirement and Investing for Children (valued at $100)

  • 10 short quizzes to test your new knowledge and check for comprehension

  • 3 step-by-step checklists on topics like what to look for in a broker, or what to consider when choosing a financial advisor

  • FREE access to Circle, a Q&A platform where you can build community and ask me questions.

  • 12 months access to all course material

  • And the confidence knowing you have the tools and knowledge to build generational wealth for the people you love!

A total value of $997

Yours for $397

Still on the fence? Read what Investing for First Gen Wealth Builders alumni are saying👀:

Client Love 💖

“Gigi was an absolute pleasure to collaborate with — she delivered an insightful and engaging workshop on investing at our conference that blew our attendees away! She was so accommodating and her presentation and talking points were extremely reliable and helpful to our audience of young professional women of color.”

Danielle Colin-Thome, Event Manager at Women Who Create

Curriculum Sneak Peak:

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  Let's Get Started
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  Hit Me With The Basics
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  3 Simple Steps to Start Investing
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  Step 3 - Deep Dive
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  Closing Thoughts
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  Bonus Lessons
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  Step by Step Tutorials
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More Client Love 💖

“Gigi presented an investing workshop for our ERG's that was easy to understand and helped answer so many questions and gave tons of resources. She was professional, personable and very authentic. Our groups have been buzzing about the topic since the workshop and have given great feedback.”


Stephanie Carlos, Palo Alto Networks, JUNTOS Latinx Employee Network

Alright, count me in! 🙌

Enroll now in Investing for First Gen Wealth Builders


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